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全新系列 Somavedic 吊墜
Somavedic Pendant with necklace 70cm ( 有現貨 )

全新系列 Somavedic 吊墜 

Somavedic吊墜可以使用任何 Somavedic 設備充電,這款護身符吊墜由水晶玻璃製成,內部有 Somavedic 全息圖,所以它可以吸收Somavedic 內部的保護能量及在您佩戴時保護您。我們建議使用 Somavedic Harmony、Sky、Vedic、Ruby、Cobalt、Amber 和 Gold 型號過夜充電以供日常使用。

Pendant is designed to be charged on your larger Somavedic to bring some of the properties and energy with you outside of the home.  

The pendant is made of crystal glass and it has a Somavedic hologram inside. That's why it can absorb the Somavedic protective energy inside and protect you when you wear it. We recommend charging it overnight by Somavedic Harmony, Sky, Vedic, Ruby, Cobalt, Amber, and Gold models for daily use.


Pendant Material : crystal glass with 3D Somavedic hologram 

Pendant Diameter: 25 mm

Necklace : Stainless Steel with length around 70cm, width around 2.5mm

( *Stainless steel is durable, resistant to stain and not easy to fading as it is not oxidize, and it is hypoallergenic )

Stays charged for: 4-5hrs

吊墜材質:帶有 3D Somavedic 全息圖的水晶玻璃

項鏈:不銹鋼, 長度為70cm, 鏈闊度約2.5mm


吊墜充電時間:4-5 小時


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