Andaras - Ocean Heart Andaras 海洋的心 232grams

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Ocean is Our Source of Life on Earth, many of us Remember our times in Lemuria and Atlantis living in the Ocean with our Oceanic family / or being as one of them:  dolphins, whales, mermaids, mermen... where we flow and play freely in water.

The Ocean Heart Andaras activates our pure joy, feeling of freedom and flow inside us! It activates our rememberings of our connection with water and the ocean and reconnect us with "home" for those who have a deep connection as mermaids and mermen.

It activates our inner wisdom and our connection with the cetaceans, one of the most ancient wisdom keepers and guardians of Earth to assist us to remember the LOVE we all hold as ONE.

Mother Ocean is calling us home....

Weight : 232 grams


海洋是我們在地球上的生命之源,許多人都會記得自己在拉拇尼亞和亞特蘭提斯的海洋生活,在海洋時代與我們的海洋家庭/或作為其中之一:海豚、鯨魚、美人魚、人魚...... 我們在水中自由地流動和玩耍。

海洋之心 Andaras 啟動了我們最純粹的喜悅,自由的感覺和我們內在的流動!它啟動了我們對水和海洋連結的記憶,並為那些與美人魚和人魚有深刻連結的人重新建立了「家」。



重量:232 克


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