Andaras - Plasma Crystalline Twinfinity Activation Set
等離子水晶雙生啟動組合 152grams

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Plasma Crystalline Lightbody "Twin" Set
Kundalini Root Chakra Purification

These babies activate our plasma crystalline lightbody as well as working through our root chakra programs, activate our kundalini and the deep purification process on physical, cellular, DNA level...

Many of our core human programmings are in our root chakra, all our survival mentalities, fears, lack programs (the feeling of enough / needing more), where our security is based (with our higher self or materials or relationships?), other ego based programmings etc

Hence a complete / massive purification / clearing of root chakra will be one of the most important process for our lightbody upgrade / DNA upgrade, the Divine Ruby Ray FIRE will be able to assist to bring up those programmings with more ease.

The Oplaescent SoulFire activates our connection with our Soul and activate the Soul Fire inside to burn off / purify the densities we hold inside our body.

This set is a POWERFUL set for purification, as we Live / Act / Come from Purity, a new form of relationships that is based on Purity.

Weight : 152 grams


等離子水晶光體「 雙生靈魂」組合

這些寶貝啟動我們的等離子水晶光體,並協助清理我們底輪的程序,啟動我們的昆達利尼和物理 ( 身體 )、細胞、基因等不同層面的深層淨化過程......

許多核心的人類程式都儲存在我們的底輪,所有的生存意識、恐懼、匱乏程式 ( 足夠 / 需要更多的感覺 ),我們的安全基礎是建基於 ( 我們的高我或物質或關係?),其他小我 ( ego ) 基本的程式等。

因此,一個完全 / 大規模淨化 / 清理底輪將是我們光體提升 / 基因提升最重要的過程之一,神聖的紅色光線之火將能夠幫助更輕鬆地啟動這些程式的轉化。

帶有乳白光的靈魂之火啟動了我們與靈魂的聯繫,啟動了靈魂的火焰,燃燒 / 淨化了我們體內所隱藏的密度。

這套組合是一套強大的淨化組合,正如我們的生活 / 行動 / 來自純淨,一種建基於純粹的新關係形式,更協助啟動我們的等離子水晶光體 ( Plasma Crystalline LightBody ,等離子是我們水晶身體進化的另一個階段,當我們宇宙的基因 ( Galactic DNA ) 正式啟動的時間,我們的身體會開始發放等離子能量 ( Plasma Energy )。

重量:152 克

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