Andaras - Twin Set 雙生靈魂組合 51grams

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紅與白的組合,也叫做雙生火焰和「關係」之組合,尤其是支持我們在與靈魂伴侶 (Soul Mate Relationship)的關係之中,可以認清身份和自己的關係,以及淨化一切恐懼及匱乏。這 set andaras 協助我們提升關係,由我們的內在開始。

如果你在關係之中,正在經歷很多困頓掙扎,又或者不和諧,尤其是雙生火焰 (Twin Soul) 或 Karmic Relationship 的關係,Twin Set 有可能可以支持到你,把內在舊有一切不是愛的能量釋放與淨化.

The set of red and white, also called Twin Flames and “relationships" set, especially supports our relationship with the Soul Mate Relationship, recognizing identity and our relationship, and purifying all fears and lack. This Andaras Set helps us to improve our relationship which is starting with our inner being.

If you are in a relationship, you are experiencing a lot of struggles or disharmony, especially the relationship between Twin Soul or Karmic Relationship, Twin Set may be able to support you, and the energy inside that is not loved can help to release and purification.

Weight : 51 grams


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