Aura-Soma Inner Alchemy 煉金瓶 A12 ( Pre Order - 預計到貨日:2021 年 11 月中至尾 )

The Inner Alchemy Set evolved from the core of Aura-Soma, the Equilibrium bottle. It brought itself to awareness by changing from the original colours, with each of the 14 bottles creating new colour combinations. It may be the Inner Alchemy Set calls to you, to dance with your soul, to meet the shadow and to accept the deep love and transformation that these bottles offer.

Colour : Moonsliver /  Moonsliver

Chakra : All Chakras 

Aura-Soma 煉金瓶系列由 Equilibrium Oil 平衡油演化成的。煉金瓶系列是由 14 瓶自身的原始顏色,透過自身改變並創造了新的顏色組合而引起關注。如您對煉金瓶系列有所感應,可能您已準備好讓煉金瓶與您的靈魂共舞,接受煉金瓶所提供深切的愛和轉變。

顏色:月光銀 / 月光銀


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