TimeWaver Home Device Set Plus Animal Module (Pre-Order : Delivery End Oct 2021 )


TimeWaver Home with Animal Module

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TimeWaver Home
的新Animal Unit使您能夠為您的動物(無論是馬,狗,貓還是小動物)提供簡單而全面的治療。



您可以將TimeWaver HomeAnimal Module一起專門用於訓練,減輕動物不必要的壓力,並在努力與休息之間達到自然的平衡。

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TimeWaver Home


除了針對各種適應症的程序外,它還包括基於 Nuno Nina 的治療方案進行的能量系統治療的裝置。 

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Package 包括:

- 所有TimeWaver配件





Man’s best friend is exposed to a multitude of stresses and strains in everyday life. In addition to damaging environmental influences, parasites, diseases and signs of aging can reduce the zest for life of your animal. The new Animal Module for the TimeWaver Home enables you to offer your animal - whether horse, dog, cat or small animal - a simple and holistic treatment.
You can choose from a total of 49 programs, including general applications as well as many special programs to support the treatment of specific illnesses. Especially
horses are subject to special strains of training and competition. You can use the TimeWaver Home with the Animal Module specifically for training to avoid unnecessary stress and achieve a natural balance between effort and rest.

Portable and Compact

The TimeWaver Home system is a compact treatment system for personalized frequency therapy. Although it is so versatile and powerful, it can be easily operated by everyone using “just” three buttons. Besides its programs for various indications, it includes special sets for energetic-systemic treatment based on Nuno Nina´s therapy protocol. 

Health in My Hand, the Patient Device

The TimeWaver Home System is a compact device for information field controlled frequency therapy. It contains numerous programs for pain treatment, for various psychological problems and for holistic systemic therapy. Listen and see what users and professionals have to say about this new system.

The frequencies to be applied are continuously determined in real time in the Information Field. It is often a difficult question for the therapist what frequencies are needed for the frequency therapy.

This package includes:
- All TimeWaver Home Units Accessories
- All TimeWaver Home Programs

- Small Coil
- Animal Unit Accessories

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    當 TimeWaver Home 送抵香港後我們會與您聯絡並安排親自領取事宜,而海外地方則需與我們聯絡以查詢海外運送事宜,需額外報價,謝謝!

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