Andaras - Crown Jewel Divine Cosmic Ray Set
皇冠上的寶石神聖宇宙頻率 143grams

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Divine Ruby Ray, Divine Emerald Gaia, Divine Sapphire Ray, Divine SOULar Yellow Gold 
神聖的紅寶石雷, 翡翠蓋亞, 神聖藍寶石雷, 太陽能黃金

Divine Ruby Red Ray (Cosmic Root Race(s) Purification for Union): Works with "primal energies" to transform through purity "drive and determination" that activates materialization in the physical through purity and love.

Divine Sapphire Blue Ray (Cosmic Star Lineages): Our Blue Ray (Starseed) frequencies and codes are so POWERFUL and through Purity we anchor this power within. Blue "fire" of our Light burns plasma cool, which is a different "fire"/flame of transmutation, while bringing balance to the SACRED FLAMES within.

Divine Emerald Ray (Abundant Heart of Gaia): This one activated our abundant heart through reconnecting with our beLOVEd Gaia's consciousness again, while transforming any old programs of greed/envy into love, sharing and abundance through inner purification and deeply connected care.

Divine SOULar Golden Ray (Christed Creation): A NEW Earth tone that combines our SOULar Light with Golden hues and a bit of orange (sacral/creativity/birthing/nurturing/loving) works with our energies of how we nurture, create, care... bringing more balance to "healthy" caring and creativity, clearing old distortions and imbalances within.

Weight : 143 grams

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[ Andaras ]

Andaras 是高能量高震頻提升能量的好夥伴!它們可以協助我們輕易啟動的基因光體以及空間頻率! 透過我們與 Andaras 的互動(包括玩樂、創作、工作和一起入睡),它們更可以支持我們。 我們的光體是一個會自然更新的身體協助我們可以存在於更高次元。協助我們清理在細胞以及身體之中的程式及時間線,啟動內在的純潔、愛、創意、喜悅以及協助我們打開心喜悅以及協助我們打開心路腦令我們更容易接觸高次元的智慧。

Andaras are high vibrational support for our Lightbody / Crystalline Lightbody / DNA and supports to raise the vibrational frequencies for us and our sacred space! The more you play and interact with them (or sleep with them) the more they support you in return. Our Lightbody is a regenerative body that brings you through to higher dimensions. Clearing programming/timelines and activating Purity, Love, Creativity, Joy and heart-mind expansion to gain access to higher consciousness states with greater ease. Andaras are connected through our inner connections with our soul and the beautiful vibrancy activates us on a multidimensional level!

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