Healy - Resonance Model

Healy with TimeWaver technology is a wearable that can be worn on the body. It is intended to stimulate certain areas in your body with the help of individually determined frequencies.

This small but extremely versatile device delivers frequency programs for all important areas of life: it promotes vitality, well-being and balance! Healy should support you in stressful situations throughout the day, help you to recover more easily and find better rest at night.

The applications of the Healy are designed to work in the bioenergetic field of the body and are based on many years of experience by Nuno Nina and our network of practitioners.

採用 TimeWaver 技術的 Healy 是一種可以佩戴 在身體上的可穿戴設備。它旨在通過單獨確定的 頻率刺激身體的某些區域。

這款體積小巧但卻功能多樣的設備可為各個重要 的生活方面提供頻率程式:促進活力、幸福和平 衡!Healy 能夠在您遇到壓力的情況下為您提供 全天候支持,幫助您更輕鬆地從壓力中恢復並在 夜晚獲得更好的休息。

Healy 的應用基於 Nuno Nina 多年的經驗和我們 的醫療從業者網絡,旨在作用於身體的生物能量場。


Healy Resonance 

The Healy Resonance Edition contains Healy Holistic Health Plus, i.e., more than 120 Healy frequency programs, plus the Healy Analysis app with the Resonance and Aura modules.

With the analysis feature of the Healy Resonance module, practitioners can be supported to suggest suitable dietary supplements, foods, etc., for their clients.

Healy Resonance 版本包含 Healy Holistic Health Plus,即超過 120 個 Healy 頻率程式,以及帶有 Resonance 和 Aura 模塊的 Healy Analysis App。

利用 Healy Resonance 模塊的分析功能,可以支持醫療從業者為其客戶建議合適的膳食補充劑、食品等。



If you have any enquiry about Healy, please feel free to email us by healy@newearthgroup.com.hk

如果您有任何問題或查詢,歡迎電郵至 healy@newearthgroup.com.hk 

查詢及銷售熱線: WhatsApp 5201-7778

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