Healy Upgrade - from Healy Gold to Healy Holistic Health

這個產品只提供給予 New Earth Team 客戶 (This Product is Exclusive to New Earth Team Members)

By purchasing this product you already have:

HealyGold version

And now choosing to upgrade to 

Healy Holistic Health version


升級步驟 Upgrade Procedure 

Step 1: 在這個網上商店付款 Pay Here

Step 2: 填寫升級表格 Please also fill in the following application form for upgrade purchase: 


Step 3: 也透過 Healy Online Store 購買一個升級(付款部份請選擇 Direct Bank Transfer) Place an Order through your Healy Online Store (Payment choose Direct Bank Transfer)

Any Enquiry, please WhatsApp 5201-7778

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