Andaras - Angelic Lilac & Soul Star Soul Twinfinity

溫柔的淡紫色,啟動皇族血統線。Liquid Lilac的才華、和平和驚艷的美能立即打開你的內心,也可啟動松果體。這顆溫柔及和平的 andara 從心而啟發你,它能說出美麗動人,吸引別人的詩句,放遠視野並連繫內在平靜安逸。它大多用作生命的轉化,讓你重新憶記神聖能量。靈魂之火啟動了我們內在的純淨靈魂之火,在各個層面上都進行了清理和淨化,因此我們會再次記起本身是純淨的天堂守護者的記憶。

Soft hues of lilac, activate magic and royal bloodlines alike. Brilliance, peace and wonder, the beauty of this opens your heart instantly. The calming energy, the pineal gland opens with each activation too. This one is soft and peaceful and it inspires from the heart. It speaks beauty, enhances visions and brings forth a tranquil connection from within. It can be used to transmute and transform. This one assists with purity and remembering that which is Divine. The Soul Star activates the Pure Soul Fire within us that clears and purifies at all levels so we remember we are the pure heavenly guardians once more.

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