Aura-Soma Uriel Achangeloi
大天使烏利爾 20 ml
( 有現貨 )


Archangeloi Uriel - Helps to support the growth towards clarity of intuitive perception


大天使精華的用意是透過與我們身體相關的細緻場域 ( 氣場/氛圍 ) 與大天使建立更個人的連繫。

使用方法 :



The Archangeloi Essences are intended to bring about a more personal connection with the Archangeloi through the subtle fields related to our physicality. 

How to Use :

Hold the bottle with your right hand, then raise your hands up to your shoulders.

Three short sprays of your chosen Archangeloi Essence over the palm of your left hand, over the crown and over the palm of your right hand.  

Then, put down the bottle, stand up and use your hands to cross and flap like butterflies from the top of the head to the feet.

You can stop at the heart chakra, and allow the heart to absorb the energy of the Archangel. 


 This Product is not returnable or exchangeable.




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