Aura Soma - Archangeloi 大天使精華

The Archangeloi correspond to the Archangels; a higher level of Angelic mediators between the Human and the Divine. Introducing the Archangeloi into the energy field can help to activate light seeds in the aura to aid connection to and expr
ession of your ongoing soul-purpose and highest possibility for this life. They also help to focus your intention and better recognise your accomplishments during times of change. Bringing you closer to self-understanding, they support the greater potential of an individual, group or community.

大天使精華對應大天使;作為我們與神聖之間更高意識的天使媒介。把大天使精華引入個人能量場可以幫助啟動氣場 ( 氛圍 ) 中的光子,以幫助連接和表達今生我們持續的靈魂目的和最高的可能性。它們更有助於集中我們的意向,並在變化的期間更容易意識到我們個人的才能。讓我們更接近自我認識,它們支持個人、團體或社區發展更大的潛力。