Lemurian Dream New Earth Rainbow Pendant Collection

Lemurian Dream New Earth Rainbow 是我們全新的彩虹系列,啟動我們的利穆里亞新地球意識。

這個系列的Andara 結合了多重柔和的光,散發的能量能夠協助我們意識擴展並把光體提升到更高維度的狀態,讓內心的美麗、純潔、愛、魔法再次自然流動,融入到生活的每一部分。



Lemurian Dream New Earth Rainbow Series is a whole new collection of rainbow which supports to activate our Lemurian New Earth Consciousness.

This collection works through a series of lighter pastel light rays which works on consciousness expansion and lightbody activation to a higher dimensional state where beauty, purity, love, magic, synchornised flow are a big part of our way of living.

Each ray connects us to a much higher state of consciousness where light knowledge, ancient memories and access to higher timelines gets activated within our DNA where everything from all of our existences are stored.

May this new collection bring forth beauty, love, purity and all the magic from New Earth to everyone who is ready and open for a whole new way!