Aura-Soma New Aeon Child Set 新時代兒童組合瓶
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Aura-Soma 新時代兒童組合瓶

新時代兒童組合分別由六個瓶子組成,從 B011 開始一直到 B015 號瓶子,再到 B020。而大部分的瓶子上半部分都是由清晰的透明所組成的。而當中 B011 - B015 號瓶子更是 Aura-Soma 系統中的 3 個星星矩陣圖內不可或缺的重要部分。

Aura-Soma 的創辦人 Vicky Wall 更認為,這個組合對我們內在小孩的成長尤其重要。特別是,現今新時代陸續誕生的新生命,本身已經帶著不同的頻率、能力,並發現他們難以適應。而新時代兒童組合瓶特別跟這些小孩有關。

B011 ( 透明 粉紅色 ) 艾賽尼瓶 1:對自己的思想和情感負責。

B012 (  透明 / 藍色 ) 新時代的和平:賦予我們全新的教育、信仰與和平的開始。

B013  透明 / 綠色 ) 新時代的改變:照亮生活中的情感面,為我們騰空更多的空間放下。

B014   透明 / 金色 ) 新世紀的智慧:把光照亮到金色當中。照亮我們內在的智慧,讓我們的使命更更清晰地展開。

B015   透明 / 紫羅蘭色 ) 新時代的服務:通過淨化而提升自我。

B020 ( 藍色 粉紅色 ) 星星小孩:無條件的愛的溝流。讓我們意識的思縮中帶著和平,更深層的自我接納。

** 使用次序:B011, B012, B013, B014, B015, B020 **

Aura-Soma New Aeon Child Set

The New Aeon child set consists of six bottles which begins with the B011 and goes through to the B015 and then the B020. It is immediately apparent that most have clear upper fractions. B011 - 15 and significant in that they are all bottles which help to form the 3 matrix stars ( Belong to Aura-Soma System ). 

Vicky felt that this set was also significant for the development of the inner child. Many children coming in are on a different vibratory rate, a different level of functioning and they are finding it very difficult to adjust. The New Aeon Child Set was specifically seen to be relevant to these people.

B11 ( Clear / Pink ) The Essene Bottle 1 : Taking responsibility for the thoughts and the feelings.

B12 ( Clear / Blue ) Peace in the New Aeon : An initiation that shines a light on nurturing, faith and peace.

B13 ( Clear / Green ) Change in the New Aeon : Illuminating the emotional side of life, making space for change in the letting go.

B14 ( Clear / Gold ) Wisdom in the New Aeon : Light into the gold. The illumination of inner wisdom that clarity of purpose may unfold.

B15 ( Clear / Violet ) Service in the New Aeon : Elevation of the self through purification. 

B20 ( Blue / Pink ) Starchild : The communication of unconditional love. Peace in the conscious mind, self-acceptance within the depths.

** Usage Sequence : B011, B012, B013, B014, B015, B020 ** 

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