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Rainbow Andaras - Cosmic MultiDimensional DNA Lightbody Activation


在2021-11-11 當天,Eve Illumine 便很清晰聽到 Cosmic Rainbow Consciousness Andaras Collective 的聲音,告訴我為何選擇了 New Earth Group 作為這個頻率的訊息傳遞者:

它們到來是為了協助成立 New Earth Group 的慈善基金 “New Earth Abundance Funds “,一個協助人類意識能量進化以及提升頻率的豐盛基金,這個基金將會是新地球豐盛的基礎,為有需要而沒有資源的靈魂分享及提供能量意識上的協助。

Cosmic Rainbow Andaras 帶來了一個很清晰的訊息: 豐盛若不是所有人與物種都能惠及其實說不上是豐盛 (If Abundance is Not for ALL It Is Not Abundance At All)。在聽到這個訊息之後心裏面覺得非常感動,因為這便是合一意識 Unity Consciousness 最高的狀態。

Cosmic Rainbow Andaras 內裏的彩虹七彩繽紛的光芒帶着 Soul Abundance 的力量,是合一意識 Unity Consciousness 的物質化身:所有種族、所有物種(天上的地下的海裏的)、蓋瓦上所有的生命也屬於「一」。願意作為彩虹頻率的守護者,便是願意成為人類前往新地球的橋樑 🌈

所以來自 Cosmic Rainbow Andaras 的一半收入將會用於成立「新地球豐盛基金」,基金資源將會用於(暫定):

• 提升意識教育項目
• 支援有需要能量、保健、靈魂層面暫時未有資源的朋友及社群
• 植樹造林、修復大自然的項目
• 分享素食熱餐給有需要的社群(無家朋友等等)

作為宇宙彩虹之光傳遞者的一員,我們衷心感謝每一位透過 Andaras 以及自身的能量在這個時刻貢獻光、愛、慈悲、關懷以及連結的每一位✨


真正的豐盛,是當每一個人以及所有生命都可以平安、和諧及一同享有豐盛 🌈


True Abundance is Abundance for ALL 🌈

Cosmic MultiDimensional DNA Rainbow Andaras

Announcement: The Launch of "New Earth Abundance Funds"

The Rainbow Andaras Consciousness spoke and gave very specific instruction on 2021-11-11 to our keeper and New Earth Group founder Eve Illumine that part of their mission of being available to humanity is to accelerates consciousness expansion and raise vibration in a much more rapid pace, it is also here to set a foundation of Soul Abundance for Humanity.

The Rainbow Andaras has asked Eve Illumine to create the "New Earth Funds" - a charitable aspect of New Earth Group to support humanitarian causes and provide high vibrational support for those in need.

A clear message came 'If Abundance is Not For All Then It Is Not Abundance At All", this message striked Eve Illumine's heart and has touched her soul. The Rainbow Andaras since then gave very clear message of how they as a Collective Consciousness through the form of Andaras wish to be presented and shared.

The Rainbow Frequency holds Unity Consciousness as it encapsulates the entire  light spectrum in ONE - all races, all beings, all animals and living things are ONE of Gaia. Rainbow is also the Bridge to New Earth, anyone who works with the Rainbow frequencies are bridgers!

Henceforth 50% of the proceeds from Cosmic Rainbow Andaras will be used as part of the seeding resources to set up "New Earth Funds" for the following programs:

- Higher Consciousness Education Project
- Supporting Souls Who Require Energetic / Wellbeing / Soul-Level Support (Homeless, Families in Poverty etc)

- Tree Planting & Reforestation
- Hot Meals Programs (Vegetarians)

As Keepers for the New Earth Rainbow Unity Consciousness Ray, we would like to express our heart felt gratitude for your contribution to bring light, love, care, compassion & connection by becoming a Guardian for this Ray of Light. True Soul Abundance is Abundance for ALL.  

While the New Earth Abundance Funds is at its inception, we will continue to update our progress on this page. Stay tuned!

Current Fund Raised to Date: HKD47,614