Resonate Essences - Tummy Rub (兒童適合)

The Tummy Rubs range of vibrational oils are safe & gentle to use on bubs as well as children & adults.

Connect with your inner infant & the memories of the first few years of your life (0-3 & mainly non-verbal) as you clear old patterns from the subconscious still affecting you today.  

A nurturing way to support new babies through normal challenges experienced as we develop, learn & grow.

敬請注意:由於 Resonate Essence 系列的所有產品均需要因應季節的時間段去採摘原材料及後以全人手生產製作而成;因不隱定因素,而導致預購產品未能確切知道預計的到貨時間。

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