Aura-Soma Archangel Gabriel Air Conditioner
大天使加百列空間噴霧 100ml
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The Archangel Air Conditioner sprays correspond to the Spirits of Fire known as the Archangels, a higher level of angelic mediators between the Human and the Divine. On a personal level, introducing the Archangel Air Conditioners into our energy field can help to activate “light seeds” in the aura (etheric body) so that we might remember and express our ongoing soul-purpose and highest possibility for this life. They also help to sow and reap our purposes during the between time of personal transitions.

Each of the Archangel Air Conditioners fill your larger living spaces with the essence of a particular archangel, inviting the angelic presence to fill your space. Spray them in your home, car, office, and meditation space. Spray on your bed linens before retiring to connect to an archangel in your dreamtime. Filling your living spaces with the Archangel Air Conditioners facilitates uplifting and joy and creates an opening to realize more of your intuitive self!

Archangel GABRIEL - Awaken to love in all ways. 

大天使空間噴霧對應大天使的靈魂之火,這是我們與神聖之間更高意識的天使媒介。在個人層面上,將大天使空間噴霧引入我們的能量場可以幫助啟動氣場 ( 以太體 ) 中的「 光子 」,以幫助連接和表達今生我們持續的靈魂目的和最高的可能性。同時,在個人意識擴展的期間,它有助於我們在這個過程中播種及收成。

每個大天使空間噴霧都充滿了獨有的大天使精華,為我們的空間增添了活力,邀請天使來到我們的空間支持我們。將它們噴灑在家中、汽車、辦公室和冥想空間。 當我們就寢前噴灑在床鋪床單上,在我們的睡夢期間連接大天使。使用大天使空間噴霧可以協助我們整個生活空間能量提升和增加歡樂的氛圍,並創造一個開放以實現更率直的自我!

大天使加百列 - 喚醒各方面的愛

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