Aura-Soma Flower Shower 250mL Violet 紫羅蘭色 ( Pre Order - 預計到貨日:2021 年 1 月 )

Aura Soma's Flower Shower is a body wash and shampoo which contains herbal extracts as well as essential oils that cleanse and moisturize the skin and hair. Flower Shower comes in a variety of 14 colors which is determined by the herbal extract and essential oil related to that particular color.


Violet ( 250mL ):Violets, sweet and delicious


Aura-Soma Flower Shower 是沐浴及洗髮精華,當中萃取自 49 種天然植物精萃及精油,沐浴同時滋潤肌膚與秀髮。含豐富天然潤澤劑活性水解小麥蛋白,能增強頭髮組織,改善頭髮柔順亮澤,修護受損秀髮。

紫羅蘭色 ( 250 mL ):芬芳甜蜜紫羅蘭香

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