Aura-Soma Raphael Achangeloi
大天使拉斐爾 20 ml ( Pre Order - 預計到貨日:2021 年 7 月中至尾 )

Archangeloi Raphael -Encourages a soothing balm of peace, which promotes a sense of wellbeing and wholeness.

大天使拉斐爾 - 提供安撫平靜的香氣、讓您更感當下及完整。


The Archangeloi Essences are intended to bring about a more personal connection with the Archangeloi through the subtle fields related to our physicality. 

How to Use -Three short sprays of your chosen Archangeloi Essence over the left shoulder, over the crown and over the right shoulder.  Let the spray settle into your subtle fields and feel into the experience.

大天使精華的用意是透過與我們身體相關的細緻場域 ( 氣場/氛圍 ) 與大天使建立更個人的連繫。

使用方法 - 在您的左肩、頭頂、及右肩的範圍分別噴一下。讓大天使精華在您的細緻場域 ( 氣場/氛圍 ) 散發,繼而感受您的體驗。


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