Echo B118 Pale Coral/Pale Violet
B118 回音 淡珊瑚色/淡紫羅蘭色 ( Pre order 接受預訂:預計到貨日:9月中 )

Echo B118 Pale Coral/Pale Violet - May 14th 2020 12:00 PM BST

Echo B118淡珊瑚色/淺紫羅蘭色-2020年5月14日下午12:00(BST)

在這個動盪不安的時刻,回音的到來可以支持我們尋找到內在的金色( 智慧 )、愛自己以及放開恐懼。







In the wake of this tumultuous, uncertain time, the arrival of Echo can support us in finding the gold within, loving ourselves and letting go of fear. 

Pale Coral may apply to our own situation and think about when our love is most unrequited, we might see its often within ourselves.

We find it so difficult to love ourselves as we bring so much judgement to ourselves. By making that unrequited love more conscious, by showing more compassion to ourselves and suspending the judgement of ourselves, then we might become more conscious in the relationship with ourselves.

Judgement happens all too easily, it happens all too frequently and in that judgement we deny so much of ourselves becoming fragmented.

The resolution comes in so many levels : The Pale Violet has always been a deep level of transmutation. This transmutation associated with the Master, St Germain, but it is also a transmutation at a cellular level. This situation that humanitys been facing has a deceptive quality along with its own reality because of the fear that has been generated around something which is the opposite of the Pale Violet, the Pale Yellow, that fear, in its intense form has almost spread like a plague across the world.

This fear has become a global phenomenon, as media, social media, all of the different ideas and opinions that have been expanded through all of these mediums and with all the different views that have gone along with it, the fear has been compounded. The collective fear has touched almost everyone and the Pale Violet, the opposite of the Pale Yellow, offers the antidote.

Our caring, warmth, compassion and love can make a difference within the space generated outside ourselves which we name fear. Weve always said, love and fear cant exist in the same space, increasing our awareness of this and the growth of the light body, becomes an antidote for what is happening at this time.

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