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(Sustainably Collected 可持續採集)
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秘魯聖木PALO SANTO,這種獨特的樹木以多種方式用於能量清潔和治療。聖木的獨有的特質是它能淨化所有與其接觸的物件並停靠。因此可以用來淨化整個空間,甚至個人的能量,舒緩並放鬆心情,有助進入療愈的心境,消除負能量。就算沒點燃,淡淡的木香也會散佈在空間中。聖木釋放出的油脂,能清潔空間和人們接觸的東西,吸引正能量,在身體和微妙的層面上治癒人。




50grams plus or minus 3grams
50 克+- 3 克(每包包含 7-8 支)

* 獲得植物檢疫證書 *



· 當你覺得自己太多負面思想,恐懼,思緒混亂或心情低落,能量阻塞時,持續的睡眠質素欠佳時,情緒受外界影響,或到低頻率的地方後。

· 搬遷前或去舊迎新都可以用它幫助空間能量淨化。

· 使用方法:點燃三十秒左右,便後將火吹出,密度高的聖木,燒出來的灰並不太大,可以選擇拿在手上或將置於陶瓷器皿上淨化空間。聖木香氣在於樹脂豐富,一天可以多次重複使用。

· 聖木會根據整個空間的潔淨程度自動停止燃燒,但在點燃上也請留意,觀察煙霧流動方向也可以判斷空間哪裡會更需要被淨化。在關閉門窗的情況下,煙霧一般會飄去比較需要被淨化的地方更多。

· 聖木多久使用一次最好?其實沒有一個固定規定,完全依你個人喜歡。對空間,物件,人物的能量感到「偏重」時亦適合使用。

· 養寵物的可以使用嗎?家裏有養寵物的也能放心使用,聖木不含化學物,只是在點燃時,最好放在他們較不容易碰到的位置及遠離一點較好。

· 聖木要如何存放?放置於乾燥陰涼處保存就可以。

PALO SANTO - this unique wood is used for energy cleansing and healing in many ways. The unique feature of the PALO SANTO can be used to purify the entire space and even individual energy, soothe and relax the mood, help enter the healing state of mind, and eliminate negative energy. Even if it is not lit, a faint woody fragrance will spread in the space. The oil released also clean the space and things, negative energy, and heal the people on a physical and subtle level.

• When do I need to use PALO SANTO? When you feel that you have negative thoughts, fears, confusion or moody, continuous sleep quality is not good, emotions are affected by the outside, or when you go to a place with low frequency.

· You can use it to help clean up the space energy before relocation or when you go to the old and welcome the new.

· How to use: Ignite it for about 30 seconds, then blow out the fire after going to the toilet. The high-density holy wood does not burn too much ash. You can choose to hold it in your hand or place it on a ceramic vessel to purify the space. The scent of sacred wood is rich in resin, which can be reused many times a day.

· PALO SANTO will automatically stop burning according to the cleanliness of the entire space, but please also pay attention to lighting. Observing the direction of the flow of smoke can also determine where the space needs to be purified more. When the doors and windows are closed, the smoke will generally float to more places that need to be purified.

· How often is the best time to use PALO SANTO? In fact, there is no fixed rule, it's entirely up to your personal preference. It also suitable for the energy of space or characters feels "preferred".

· If have pet can use it? you can use it with confidence as the PALO SANTO does not contain chemicals, but when it is ignited, it is better to place it in a location that is less likely to be touched by them and stay away.

· How to store PALO SANTO? Store in a dry and cool place.



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