Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck
智慧守護者塔羅牌 (Delivery in August)

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Introduction to The Wisdom Keepers

These are paradoxical times on our planet. Times of great suffering and times of great promise. More than ever, our survival as a species depends on our ability to honour and respect our differences while acknowledging and embracing our interconnectedness.

These faces embody the very kind of peace, love and understanding that I long to see in the world and experience in myself. They represent both ancient and new human archetypes that connect us with our collective evolution.

The Human Face

Often called the "organ of emotion," the human face is a dynamic canvas and one of our most powerful channels of nonverbal communication. From the moment we’re born, we are constantly monitoring, mirroring and reading the faces around us, looking for cues, so that we can better understand what others are feeling and assess whether we are loved and safe in the world.

The human face also transmits deeper states of consciousness. When we spend a long enough time looking into the eyes of a truly present being, we begin to access our own inner radiance and aliveness. 

The faces of the Wisdom Keepers have come specifically to recognize your potential, reflect your beauty and receive your love. Connect with each face as you would a friend, a grandmother, a mentor, a lover or a guide. Relax into the gleam in the eye. Allow yourself over time, to develop a sincere relationship with each of the Wisdom Keepers -- you will be surprised at the power of their medicine.

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