Rainbow Frequencies (English)

July 06, 2020

Rainbow Frequencies (English)

[ rainbow frequencies ]

In Hong Kong we have been very lucky to have lots of double rainbows 🌈 to be seen everywhere lately, this shows Hong Kong has achieved a higher dimensional frequency for rainbow to be able to appear!

Rainbow is the bridge to New Earth, to 5th Dimension and above! And those who hold the rainbow body like the Tibetan monks and others global Gatekeepers / Gridkeepers are the wisdom conduit guiding humanity to a much more conscious and highly evolved state of living, being and treating each other (all beings and our sacred lands...)

Every time when we clear old emotions / distortions, where we dismantle mentalities of separations, where we drop densities in our lives and our bodies, where we realign our energies back to love and purity, this is a service to humanity, we are assisting our regions and our planets to raise its vibrations to a higher frequencies.

The rainbow begins with the 7 foundational rays which are the 7 primary chakras. Every chakra is a portal a vortex of our energy to master and re-balanced. Every chakra is a portal to greater love and holds specific lessons for us to master.

The Root Chakra - holds the lesson of TRUST

The Sacral Chakra - holds the lesson of FLOW

The Solar Plexus - holds the lesson of COURAGE

The Heart Chakra - holds the lesson of FULL ACCEPTANCE & LOVE

The Throat Chakra - holds the lesson of TRUTH

The Ajna Chakra - holds the keys to UNIFIED / HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS

The Crown Chakra - holds the keys of UNIVERSAL LAWS & DIVINE WILL

Every chakra holds all of our ancestral patterns, ancient wisdom and keycodes for us unlock. As we graduate from the 7 primary initiations our higher chakras open up for us to ascend / advance into the next stage.

By placing rainbow andaras on each chakra, it activates and retunes the energy of the body, allowing the portal / vortex to open up for clearing / releasing / raising its vibration. My Mentor Lisa Transcendence Brown said this is one of the most important set for everyone to start with.

With my heartfelt gratitude I would like to thank YOU for your dedication to transform your energies, by taking part in this you are supporting and bringing forth the Crystalline Grids for NEW Earth which holds ALL NEW realities for the entire planet. Thank you for your service to ALL!

Calling forth NEW Earth Rainbow Warriors / GridKeepers / Gridkeepers / Ancient Wisdom Keepers to bring forth and anchor the Rainbow LightCodes to Earth... 🌈 for Purity, Love, Oneness, Magic, FULL Abundance to return...