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Andaras - Lemurian Pearlescent Love Wisdom Accelerator
超級稀有列木利亞珍珠的光吊墜 B

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列木里亞愛與智慧加速器非常溫柔及柔和。這個Andara 充滿珍珠光,更深層連結我們溫柔的一面,亦能協助開啟與我們的靈魂及列木里亞的海洋記憶更深層的連結。珠光有著更高領域的神聖智慧

The Lemurian Pearlescent Wisdom Accelerator is so gentle and so soft, this piece is  full of Pearlescent Ray taking us deeper into connecting with our most gentle aspects, assisting us to open us for deeper connections with our soul and our Lemurian Oceanic memories. Pearlescent Ray holds sacred wisdom of the higher realms.

This piece has multiple rainbows~


Andaras Size :  3.1cm (length) x 4.5cm (width) approximately 

Andaras Weight : 29g


** Material Description **

Necklace : Stainless Steel
( *Stainless steel is durable, resistant to stain and not easy to fading as it is not oxidize, and it is hypoallergenic )
Minimal wire : 14KGF

** 素材說明 **
( *不銹鋼是耐用,耐污漬而又不易氧化褪色,更可以防敏感 )
金線:14KGF 包金

**** Necklace Included 包括項鍊 *****


The picture is for reference only. Please be subject to the actual products.

Picture is for reference only.


Friendly Reminder :-

Avoid chemicals such as hair sprays or perfumes 。

Due to the delicate nature of my handmade jewellery,please store your jewellery in a box or sealed bag with help to keep the jewellery in good condition and avoid tangling。

If there is any collision where the Andaras might be damaged and scratched,please understand。 Thank you。

注意事項 :-







貨品及維修條款 : -

1) 訂單一經出售, 不享有退貨及退款服務.

2) 若因特別情況,例如在寄運途中損壞,我們會按個別情況決定是否接受退貨或更換。如您遇到有關情況,請立刻聯繫我們。

3) 所有貨品一律不設維修保養服務, 客人亦須自行承擔維修所需之費用。

4) 貨品能否維修需視乎貨品款式及損壞情況而定。此外,部分款式於修理後可能會跟原貌有所不同,故須先讓專業人士進行專業檢查,以了解情況。

5) 相關費用需視乎產品和維修實際情況而定,詳情請向我們查詢。

Terms & Conditions:-

1) Once the goods are sold, return and refund services are not available.

2) If due to special circumstances, such as damage during shipping, we will decide whether to accept return or replacement according to individual circumstances. If you encounter relevant situations, please contact us immediately.

3) There is no maintenance service for all products, and the customer must bear the cost of the maintenance.

4) Whether the goods can be repaired depends on the style and damage of the goods. In addition, some models may be different from the original appearance after repair,  and our professional inspections will be conducted first to understand the situation before fixing the product. 

5) The relevant cost depends on the actual situation of the product and maintenance, please contact us for details.


[ Andaras ]

Andaras 是高能量高震頻提升能量的好夥伴!它們可以協助我們輕易啟動的基因光體以及空間頻率! 透過我們與 Andaras 的互動(包括玩樂、創作、工作和一起入睡),它們更可以支持我們。 我們的光體是一個會自然更新的身體協助我們可以存在於更高次元。協助我們清理在細胞以及身體之中的程式及時間線,啟動內在的純潔、愛、創意、喜悅以及協助我們打開心喜悅以及協助我們打開心路腦令我們更容易接觸高次元的智慧。

Andaras are high vibrational support for our Lightbody / Crystalline Lightbody / DNA and supports to raise the vibrational frequencies for us and our sacred space! The more you play and interact with them (or sleep with them) the more they support you in return. Our Lightbody is a regenerative body that brings you through to higher dimensions. Clearing programming/timelines and activating Purity, Love, Creativity, Joy and heart-mind expansion to gain access to higher consciousness states with greater ease. Andaras are connected through our inner connections with our soul and the beautiful vibrancy activates us on a multidimensional level!

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