Aura-Soma Deep Red Air Conditioner
深紅色噴霧瓶 100 ml
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Aura-Soma Air Conditioners are created with a unique blend of essential oils and botanicals grown in biodynamic and organic environments, in a vegetable-derived organic alcohol solution. Each combination has been further enhanced with spagyric tinctures of crystals, and the highly potent Aura-Soma energising process. Each Air Conditioner contains varying concentrations of 49 herbal extracts (7 x 7 for the 7 sub-levels of the 7 chakras). Seven herbs relate to the specific colour of the Air Conditioner, and the other 42 herbs relate to the more subtle energies and potencies.

Aura-Soma 噴霧瓶採用在生物動力和有機環境中生長的獨特精油和植物成分再添加植物衍生的有機酒精溶液混合而成。每一種組合都進一步增強了煉金術晶體植物性酊劑 ( 藥酒 ),以及高強度的 Aura-Soma 能量化過程。 每個噴霧瓶均含有 49 種不同濃度的草本提取物 ( 7 x 7 是 7 個脈輪中的 7 個子級別 )。7 種草本植物與噴霧瓶的特定顏色有關,另外 42 種草本植物與更微妙的能量和效用有關。

Aura-Soma Deep Red Air Conditioner 100 ml

Deep Red – Protective, Grounding, Energising

Keynote: Grounding, Re-energising.

Works with harmonising the Base Chakra and is helpful for grounding after meditation or any therapy session.Provides the strongest protection for energy zapping, energising and restoring the energies after tiredness and fatigue or from depletion through drugs.

Deep Red provides a stronger protection (than Red pomander). It is also helpful for fear and distress, and manifestations of things beyond the physical.

Essential Oils*: Hypericum, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Clove

 (*organic or bio-dynamically grown) 

Crystal Energies: Tourmaline 

Aura-Soma 深紅色噴霧瓶 100ml

深紅色 – 保護、穩於中心、精力充沛



深紅色提供了更強的保護作用 ( 對比紅色波曼德 )。它也有助於恐懼和痛苦以及身體以外事物的表現。


( *有機或生物動力種植 )



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