Aura Soma - Pocket Rescue 便攜平衡油
Physical Rescue 身體的原動力 25mL( Pre Order 接受預購) )

Pocket Rescue 系列:



請用左手大力搖晃瓶子釋放平衡的能量(搖晃平衡油 - 請儘量由當下使用的人搖晃



Physical Rescue 身體的原動力

This bottle is associated with the Third Eye Chakra.  It relates to being able to listen and communicate clearly, to peace and trust, and a feeling of being nurtured.  may help with the letting go of the difficulties from the past, the craving for a peace which you believe is not for you and that may be a reflection of guilt or unworthiness.



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* 平衡油屬於能量產品,搖晃後避免讓他人搖晃瓶子,或使用

* 若要幫他人擦油,請用左手觸碰連結對方身體,然後右手拿瓶搖晃混合

Preservation Method: Store in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight


How to use: Use your left hand to shake the bottle up and down. Then, pour it out and apply it to all parts of the body.



* Equilibrium Bottle is an energy product. Please avoid letting others shake the bottle or use it after shaking it.

* If you want to rub the oil for others, please touch the body of the other person with your left hand, and then shake the bottle with your right hand.


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This Product is not returnable or exchangeable.



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