CellPower Water® Enhancer - 礦物質配方 ( 全新包裝:750ml )
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** 全新包裝 750mL ** 


(注1) CellPowerWater®Enhancer是結構化的海水:我們利用電子重力場產生通用的氫鍵;在海水中提供分子凝聚力,恢復其發揮其主要功能的最佳條件,這是通過內部介質發揮最大程度的水合作用和礦物質同化能力,否則細胞無法發揮其對人體的重要作用。 我們使用與人體過濾系統非常相似的超級過濾系統,可以令細胞快速吸收養分並減少飲用劑量。這個特定程序在不改變水中化學成分這個前提下可提升獲得和萃取量,使其成為最高質量的海水。


-調節酶的功能並有助於提升的免疫及其他身體功能 。
-通過恢復體內平衡來再生細胞,並提供 自己濔補助的必要材料。


成分:100海水* * 在公海(特定海域)中提取,過濾並裝瓶包括所有營養,礦物質和微量元素。 由於其獨特的成分,我們在元素週期表中找到了大多數元素。如:鎂(Mg),鈣(Ca),鉀(K),矽(Si),氟(F),鉻(Cr),碘(1),磷(P),鋅(Zn),鐵( Fe),銅(Cu),鎂(Mn)和硒(Se)。


注1: 身體利用/可用率是指元素進入身體後,被身體利用的比例。


** 由於產品是玻璃材質及產品尺寸較大型,並未能包含在免運的服務裡,需額外收取運費 ( 實際收取的費用將在 Check out 時由系統自動計算 ) ** 

CellPower Water® Enhancer is sea water collected from privileged locations due to its high stability in mineral composition. In these places, the current keeps the sea water clean and with constant salinization. There are large amounts of plankton capable of transforming non-bioavailable minerals into bioavailable elements, through a process called marine biocenosis.

CellPower Water® Enhancer is STRUCTURED Seawater: We use electro- gravitational fields to create universal hydrogen bonds; Provide a molecular coherence in the seawater, restoring its optimum condition for the development of its primary function, which is the maximum hydration and assimilation of minerals through inner medium, without which the cells could not perform their important functions for the body.

We use Ultra-filtration system, which is very similar to the body system filters, allowing rapid absorption of nutrients and reduction in dosage. This protocol capture and extraction, along with ultra-filtration systems and not to use materials that change the chemical composition of water make it seawater of the highest quality.

What does CellPower Water® Enhancer do?
- Recharge of hidro-electrolites thanks to its mineral salts.
- Regulates the enzyme function and helps to the good immunological function, among

- Regenerates the cells by bringing back its homeostatic balance and provides the

necessary materials for its own reparation.

How to use CellPower Water® Enhancer:
Take 5mL twice a day, between meals. If possible, mix with hydrogen water from CellPower Water Bottle.

100 sea water*

* extracted in open sea, filtered and bottled with all nutrients, minerals and trace elements.

Volume : 750mL 

Due to its unique composition, we find the majority of elements in the periodic table. Such as: Magnesium (Mg), Calcium (Ca), Potassium (K), Silicon (Si), Fluorine (F), Chromium (Cr), Iodine (I), Phosphorus (P), Zinc (Zn), Iron (Fe), Copper (Cu), Magnesium (Mn) and Selenium (Se). The quantities of these elements are variable.

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