Awakening To Remembering + Navigating Dimensions Book Set

這套書籍包含由 Lisa Transcendence Brown 著作的 Awakening To Remembering - A Journey of Consciousness 及 Navigating Dimensions - Reminders For Remembering Awakening & Ascension Guid Book 

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Navigating Dimensions

Navigating Dimensions is a must-have, simplified, yet expansively comprehensive guide book filled full of navigational tools for understanding Consciousness, Awakening, Ascension, the Lightbody/Merkaba, Light/DNA Activations and how to shift out of your head (human aspect) and to live fully from your higher self heart (5th Dimensional Aspect). Come to embody Christ/Unity Consciousness, activate your Chrystalline LightBody, and expand to BE your multi-dimensional self again.

REMINDERS FOR REMEMBERING are just that. They remind you to remember, that which you have forgotten inside, your true you, your Divine Essence, your higher realm version of you that existed BEFORE you incarnated here for your physical human experience.

Lisa has separated the 3rd, 4th, 5th Dimensional Realms, simplified that which makes no logical sense, provided expansive observations which allow for you to take expand BEyond your old programmed human existence here. Come to understand more and learn tools of shifting to higher frequencies, how to "tune", how to BE and EMBODY your Higher Self, your future you, NOW. We REMEMBER our way BACK to the 5th Dimension, which is just the portal (gateway) to all other realms.

All is within you. Come to understand how to unlock these portals on your own and become a MASTER, CREATOR and an ALCHEMIST, again. WE are already here. So are you. This will assist you in REMEMBERING and actually existing AS ALL embodied here in the physical reality. Written FROM the higher realms, it is no longer a place we used to seek. NEW EARTH, WE are ALL already here, unified, in love, magic, peace, bliss and yes, paradise again. Join us if you will. So very much love!

Aloha Nui Loa!

Awakening to Remembering - A Journey of Consciousness

Translating the Energies of "They" as "WE", Lisa "Transcendence" Brown brings forth a writing of how all are here to awaken from the sleep of the forgotten world. As more continue to remember, realities as we knew them will cease to exist. This book speaks on how all souls have separated, of the process to re-integrate as one unified body of light (LightBody), and how all can come to participate in their own REMEMBERING. This book is meant to be simple and assist one on their own journey. You are asked to absorb the writings into your own energy as the expanded consciousness that you will soon become.