Resonate Essence
Soul Healing Oil 25mL




如何使用 :

將 7 滴滴在手腕內側,當你與發自內心的愛相連時,請在心裏重複肯定語句。

配料 :

油茶(Camellia)花油,含薔薇(Rose)花油,乳香(乳香)樹脂,小荳蔻(Cardamon)籽油,桃金孃(Myrtle)花油,沒藥(Myrrh)樹脂,雪松(Cedrus deodara)雪松)樹皮提取物。顏色、光線和聲音的振動共振治愈你的靈魂傷口的純意識。甜玫瑰、小荳蔻、乳香和桃金孃的香味……滋養、芬芳和療愈。



Healing Soul Wounds carried through space, time & dimensions… flowing acceptance, forgiveness, peace & compassion …I now embody the wisdom to be truly free!

Our most powerful product combining vibrational elements from our unique range, that facilitate bringing to conscious awareness the emotional woundings & traumas we carry in our energy bodies & auric field that are impacting on our life now... and are ready to be healed! Use this Oil Blend to activate the awareness of the lessons & learnings from the experience that your Soul needs to integrate to be ready, willing & able to release the mark of this wound held within you.



Place 7 drops on inner wrist, as you connect with love from your heart repeating the affirmation.


Camellia olefeira (Camellia) flower oil, with Rosa centifolia (Rose) flower oil, Boswellia serrata (Frankincense) resin, Elettaria cardamon (Cardamon) seed oil, Myrtus communist (Myrtle) flower oil, Commiphora myrrha (Myrrh) resin, Cedrus deodara (Cedarwood) bark extract Vibrations of colour, light & sound resonating Pure Consciousness of HEALING YOUR SOUL WOUNDS. Scents of sweet rose, cardamon, frankincense & myrtle… nurturing, fragrant & healing.


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