Resonate Essence - Energetic Room & Aura Spray
Divine Trinity 100mL ( Pre- Order 接受預購 )

肯定語:在多維領域中統一和覺醒. 我是新的主權人類,體現了神聖的三位一體並共同創造了這個物理現實!



噴到你的氣場及身處的空間,帶著勇氣打開並啟動神聖的心火三位一體,包括神聖宇宙之愛的玫瑰粉色,與服務他人的神聖力量的藍色和神聖智慧的金色……反映出自己神聖的三位一體。在自己的存在中,流動著神聖的女性,男性和靈魂的能量。當能協調與愛的連結,過往的創傷會被療愈。光芒四射的心火三位一體會接收 12 條長期被遺忘的DNA 水晶光編碼鏈,可將這些能量禮物編織到自己的光體中。


Affirmation : Unified & awakened in multi-dimensional realms... I AM the new sovereign human embodying the Divine Trinity & co-creating this physical reality!



Spray your auric field or room with a light mist you align to the Divine Trinity… With courage, I now open & activate the sacred . Heartflame Trinity… rose pink of Divine Universal Love, the blue of Divine Power aligned to service of others & the golden glow of Divine Wisdom… reflected within my own sacred trinity of Divine Spirit flowing Feminine, Divine Masculine & Divine Spirit flowing in my Being. As my aspects harmonise in loving unification, my past woundings of separation are dissolved & healed … & the Radiant Heartflame Trinity opens to receive the 12 crystalline light coded strands of long forgotten dormant DNA, weaving these energy gifts into my Lightbody.


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