Resonate Essence - Energetic Room & Aura Spray
Golden Ascension 100mL ( 有現貨 )


喚醒我的神聖靈魂火花,以金色揚升代碼的無限愛和光芒四射的力量……將靈魂體驗中獲得的智慧編織到活生生的光之織錦中……不斷進化的源頭意識……將我從 業力矩陣探索自由、光明和解放或更高維度的領域!




Awakening my Divine Soul spark to the infinite love and radiant power of the Golden Ascension codes... weaving the wisdom gained from Soul experience into the Living Tapestry of Light... the ever evolving Source Consciousness... that releases me from the Karmic Matrix to explore the freedom, light and liberation or Higher Dimensional Realms!

Golden Ascension spray supports you to open and activate the dormant codes of Light and Sound frequency held in the core of your Heart Chakra and Crown Chakra , as this time of planetary transformation and evolution currently being experienced by Gaia and the human collective.

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