Mother's Day: TimeWaver Home Device Set with All Accessories (Pre-Order : Delivery -Mid-June 2021 )

[ TimeWaver Home ]

細胞健康,即等於身體健康。當身體有足夠的電配合下,身體的自我收復變得事半功倍。TimeWaver Home 可讓您輕鬆為細胞充電。


1. Healy 專業版 TimeWaver Home 頻率儀分享 -

[ Mother's Day Promo 母親節優惠 ] 

適逢5月9日母親節,大家可以值此去答謝每位母親過去的辛勞及付出,我們New Earth Group 推出一系列 Mother’s Day 優惠去支援每位媽媽健康的身體、充足的能量,迎接每一天的挑戰。

優惠 A: TimeWaver Home 系列 

1.  贈送 Frequencies Program (原價合共$ 7200) 

頻率 Liver Frequency

頻率 Kidney Frequency

淋巴循環頻率 Circulation & Lymphatic

僵硬肩頸脖子頻率 Stiff Shoulders & Neck

創傷頻率 Trauma Frequency 

發炎頻率 Inflammation Program

視力支援 Eye Sight Support 

骨骼程式 Bone Regeneration

2. 再加送兩次BTA無痛檢查* (原價合共$3,200)

(* BTA檢測必須於3個月內使用,而2次均需要同一人岀席)

如有任何疑問,歡迎 Whatsapp / Signal 至 5201 7778

優惠期: 2021年4月23日202159

New Earth Group 擁有最終的決定權

TimeWaver Home

Portable and Compact

The TimeWaver Home system is a compact treatment system for personalized frequency therapy. Although it is so versatile and powerful, it can be easily operated by everyone using “just” three buttons. Besides its programs for various indications, it includes special sets for energetic-systemic treatment based on Nuno Nina´s therapy protocol. 

Health in My Hand, the Patient Device

The TimeWaver Home System is a compact device for information field controlled frequency therapy. It contains numerous programs for pain treatment, for various psychological problems and for holistic systemic therapy. Listen and see what users and professionals have to say about this new system.

The frequencies to be applied are continuously determined in real time in the Information Field. It is often a difficult question for the therapist what frequencies are needed for the frequency therapy.


TimeWaver Home 設備附帶以下程序/應用程序:


    [ TW - Practice Program ] 


    Back Pain

    Body weight 



    Defense system 




    Hair growth 


    Inner balance 


    Life Force 


    Menstrual pain 





    [ System Programs ] 

    100 Transcranial

    101 General pain 

    102 General pain - other

    103 General pain - other

    104 Joints

    105 Back 

    106 Sciatica

    107 Headache

    108 Migraine 

    109 Teeth / Jaw

    110 Menstral pain

    201 Wounds

    202 Acne vulgaris

    203 Cold Sores

    301 Fears / Depr. general 

    302 Fears / Depr. -other

    303 Learning support 

    304 Weaning 

    305 Sleep disorder

    306 Stress 

    307 Stress - other 

    401 Scar balancing

    402 Hand application  

    [ Nuno Nina Gold Cycle ] 

    601 Pure 

    602 Care 

    603 Balance 

    604 Being 

    605 Energy

    606 Relax

    607 Release

    [ Deep Cycle ] 

    901 First treatment 

    902 Second treatment 

    903 Third treatment 

    904 Breath of life 

    905 Clean All 

    906 Digest All 

    907 Energy Work 

    908 Treating Causes 

    909 Free Flow 

    910 Kidney All Female 

    911 Kidney All Male 

    912 Pure Calm 

    913 Pure Energy 

    914 Natural Healing 

    915 Sensitive

    ** 敬請注意 ** 
    當 TimeWaver Home 送抵香港後我們會與您聯絡並安排親自領取事宜,而海外地方則需與我們聯絡以查詢海外運送事宜,需額外報價,謝謝!

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